Commercial Pool & Spa Chemicals and Supplies

Commercial Pool & Spa Chemicals and Supplies

Crystal Pool and Spa offers a complete line of commercial swimming pool supplies, pool chemicals and related services. We are certified pool operators in the state of Massachusetts.

Count on Crystal Pool for excellent pricing on commercial pool chemicals and supplies. We are an authorized dealer for the PPG VersaChlor Chlorination System and Versa Chlor tablets.

Versachlor Easy Feed Chlorination System

The Versa Chlor Easy Feed Chlorinator combines with the proprietary calcium hypochlorite cubes to deliver predictable rates of chlorine to a variety of hotel/motel, apartment and condominium pool water applications indoors or outdoors.

The Versa Chlor Easy Feed Chlorinator has few moving parts and no small openings that can clog, freeing operators from frequent time-consuming maintenance. In most cases, once a year cleaning is all that is required. Most applications will not require a booster pump, which saves additional maintenance and expense.

  • Pool covers
  • Pool and deck safety
  • Pool pumps, filters and flow meters
  • Chemical feeders
  • Commercial pool vacuum cleaners
  • ADA compliant pool & spa lifts
  • Pool chemicals, including shock, algaecide, water balancing, clarifiers and more!
  • Pool accessories and equipment

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