Standard Inground Pool Opening includes:

  • • Removal of winter cover
  • • Safety covers are cleaned, folded and left on pool deck to dry
  • • Solid and Mesh water tube weighted covers, light water and leaf removal included in opening. If there is excessive water and leaves there will be an extra charge. Cover will be folded and left at poolside to dry.
  • • Start up filter system and check operation
  • • Test Pool Heater
  • • Install Ladders and Handrails
  • • Add opening chemicals (includes shock and some balancers)
  • • We recommend visiting our retail store with a water sample after filter system has circulated water for 24-48hrs for additional chemicals.

Terms and Conditions
  • • Pool openings are scheduled Monday – Friday. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee specific times.
  • • Pool opening charges are for the pool opening only. The pool opening does not include parts needed for the pool opening if not available or left at poolside for service tech. We are not responsible for finding materials.
  • • Any additional work at the time of pool opening will be billed by the specific job and materials used.
  • • All Pool Opening invoices are due upon receipt.
  • • Winter pool covers will be left at poolside. We recommend cover to dry thoroughly and to be stored where mice and insects will not cause damage.

Standard Inground Pool Closing includes:

  • • Draining & winterizing pool pump, heater & filter system
  • • Blowing out incoming and return lines & winterizing (if applicable)
  • • Removing ladders & handrails
  • • Installing plugs in pool lines and gizmos in skimmer
  • • Adding shock, anti-freeze & winterizing chemicals
  • • Installing & securing pool cover
  • • If you requested that we clean and store your filter, we will remove it and take it with us back to the store
  • • We recommend that you bring a water sample to the store for testing at least one week before your scheduled closing. Have your water properly balanced just prior to closing offers the best chance for a smooth opening with minimal effort in the spring.
Terms and Conditions
  • • It is important to make sure the pool cover, water tubes, plugs, gizmos, etc. are left poolside on the day of your pool closing appointment.
  • • DO NOT shut off power to the pool until after we have completed closing your pool.
  • • Please have chlorinator empty before scheduled pool closing.
  • • We do not vacuum, clean or clear up the pool during closing.
  • • Additional services can be performed provided they are requested at the time of submitting your Pool Closing Request. Since actual times vary depending on the pool, we charge accordingly based on the Service Department’s hourly rate.
  • • If an additional visit to your pool is required, it will be charged accordingly.
  • • Any items that are not available or functional at the time of pool closing will be an additional charge.
  • • You may call the store during business hours to schedule your Pool Closing or you can fill out the form and submit it via email. Be sure to include a daytime phone number where you can be reached. Our response will be via phone so we can confirm the date and time and provide you with appropriate instructions to prepare for closing.

General Service Request

Please fill out the form below to schedule your pool service. Or, you may call us at: (508) 966-1322 to schedule an appointment. We will confirm appointments made via email by phone or email. We will make every effort to accommodate your requested week for service.


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