For over 50 years, Crystal Pool and Spa has offered pool owners a wide range of pool services provided by experienced, knowledgeable pool technicians.

2021 Pool Service Brochure & Pricing

Pool opening

Inground Base Package

Includes removal of winter cover, starting of filter system and checking operation, installing ladders and handrails, test fire pool heater and adding opening chemicals.

Please Note: Some pools are unique and require a special quote. If pool has been closed more than one winter season, it will require a special quote.

Above Ground Package

Includes removal of winter cover, starting of filter system, installing ladder or steps, test fire heater and adding opening chemicals. Steps and ladder will be installed only if water is clear and free of debris. Please ensure water level is raised just below skimmer prior to our arrival.

Please note: Some pools require additional services or custom quotes.

Pool Closing

Inground & Onground Base Package

Includes lowering water level, winterizing filter system, heater, anti-freeze, winterizing chemicals, installing gizzmos in skimmer and plugs in pool lines, removing ladder(s) and handrail and securing safety cover.

Partial Closing Base Package

Includes blowing out lines, winterize pump and filter, up to 6 gallons of anti-freeze and installing plugs and gizzmos (does not include cover install or adding winter chemicals). Water level must be lowered prior to arrival.

Above Ground Package

Includes lowering water level, winterizing filter system, heater, removing ladder, installing ice equalizer, and securing winter cover and adding winterizing chemicals.

Please note: Some pools require additional services or custom quotes.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Spring Check-up (March/April Only)

Includes shock, algaecide and visual pool inspection.

 Initial Clean-up (Must be scheduled with pool opening appointment)
Requires pool to be opened and running for 24-48 hrs. Pool may not be clear of debris with accelerant cleaning.

 All-Inclusive Inground Pool Maintenance Package

Includes opening, weekly vacuums, chemicals, and closing.

  •  Bi-Weekly Maintenance
  •  Vacation Care/As-Needed Care
  •  Final Vac (Must be scheduled with pool closing appointment)

*Please call for customized quote.

Robotic Cleaner Repair

Aquabot Repair

  • Tune-up Belts, Pulley, and Bushings and installation
  • Drive Tracks (set of 2) and installation

Dolphin Cleaner

  • Full Dolphin Repair Service
  • Models We Repair: Active20, M200, M400, M500, M600, S300i and S50
  • Warranty Repairs on units purchased through Crystal Pools

In-House Rental & Services


  • Robotic Cleaner Rental
  • Blower Rental: Used for clearing out debris in lines and removing water out of lines for winterizing.

In-House Services

  • Filter Cleaning for D.E. Grid Assembly
  • Filter Cleaning for Cartridges
  • Salt Cell Cleaning and Testing
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Water Testing
  • Seal Assembly Replacement
  • Motor Replacement

Other Services

  • Pressure Testing Lines

    Testing pool plumbing for leaks.

  • Pool Inspections

    Buying a house? This gives you an evaluation of your pool and equipment.
    Please note it does not include leak detection.

  • Pool School

    An education in your backyard for understanding and learning how to operate your pool. No filming or photography allowed.

  • Inground Liner Installation

    Call for customized quote.

  • Winter Cover Maintenance

    Includes inspecting and removing leaf debris and water. Includes 2 visits between November - March, weather depending.

  • Safety Cover Sales and Installation

  • Pool Plumbing Repair

  • Salt Chlorine Generator Sales and Installation

  • Filter/Pump/Chlorinator/Heater Sales and Installation

  • Filter/Pump Repair

Service Request

Please fill out the form below to schedule your pool service. Or, you may call us at: (508) 966-1322 to schedule an appointment. We will confirm appointments by phone or email. We will also make every effort to accommodate your requested week for service.